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Student Services: Books


What is the Library of Congress Classification System?

Library of Congress Building

The Dewey Decimal Classification System (DDC) is used to organize books in many school and public libraries.  We, like most academic libraries use the Library of Congress Classification System (LCC).  The LCC system has 21 classes of information represented by letters of the alphabet.  Classes are divided into subsections given a two or three letter combination.  For example, Class L is Education, divided into 10 subclasses including L for General EducationLA for History of Education and LB for Theory and Practice of Education.

Library of Congress Classification System Classes:

  • A--General Works (Almanacs and Encyclopedias)
  • B--Philosophy, Psychology, and Religion
    • BD--Philosophy
    • BF--Psychology
    • BL-Mythology
    • BM-BX Religion
  • C--Auxillary Sciences of History
  • D--World History and the History of Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
  • E--History of Americas
  • F--History of Americas
  • G--Geography, Anthropology, and Recreation
    • GV Athletics, Games, and Recreation
  • H--Social Sciences
    • H-HL Business & Economics
    • HV Criminal Justice
  • J--Political Science
  • K--Law
  • L--Education
  • M--Music and Books on Music
  • N--Fine Arts
  • P--Language and Literature
  • Q--Science and Computers
  • R--Medicine, Nursing
    • RC--Internal Medicine
  • S--Agriculture
  • T--Technology
  • U--Military Science
  • V--Naval Sciene
  • Z--Bibliography, Library Science, and Information Resources

For more information about the Classes and Subclasses, visit the Library of Congress Classification website.

Find Books and More with the CLAMS Catalog

Click on the icon to search the CLAMS catalog.  If you live in a CLAMS community, you can order books from the Wilkens Library (or any other CLAMS library) and send them to your town library. 

Searching the CLAMS catalog

  • To begin your search, enter your search terms and use the dropdown menus to target your search.
  • Narrow your results with a variety of filters.

Signing into your library account

  • In the Wilkens Library Catalog Click SIGN IN. Enter your library barcode (the number on the bottom of your 4Cs ID) and the last 4 digits of your phone number on file.

Requesting materials

  • Request materials (books, DVDs, magazines etc.) from any CLAMS library by clicking Place Hold. Enter your library barcode (the number on the bottom of your 4Cs ID) and the last 4 digits of your phone number on file.

Where Do I Find It?

Where to find books by Call Number:

A-J:  Second Floor

K-Z:  Third Floor

Call numbers that start with IMSNICKERSON or REF indicate special locations:

IMS:  Instructional Media Services, First Floor

NICKERSON: Nickerson Archive, Ground Floor

REF: Reference Room, First Floor

Library bookshelves

Book Returns

Books may be returned at any time to the library’s book drops (located on the wall between our first floor entrance and exit and outside the ground floor accessible entrance).  Books may also be returned to any CLAMS library.

Please do not return devices such as calculators in our book drops. Please come by when the library is open to drop off your calculator at the front desk.