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Open 4Cs : Open Educational Resources at Cape Cod Community College: Open 4Cs


NBC News. "Rising Textbook Prices Mirror Rising Drug Costs." Published July 30, 2015.


Surveys show that 65% of students do not purchase course required textbooks because of the expense. They also show that 94% of those students who forego purchasing a textbook are concerned that doing so would hurt their grade in the course. [1] 

Too frequently, students feel forced to choose between not purchasing textbooks (presumably resulting in less learning) or taking fewer classes (resulting in slower time to graduation) in order to manage or reduce college costs.  Data has shown that students using OER enroll in a signficantly higher number of credits than students who do not. [2]

Faculty also are thinking about OER.  Here's a Fall 2015/Winter 2016 survey of 2,902 college and university faculty members conducted by the Independent College Bookstore Association.

The OER Movement

Many colleges and universities across the country have successfully implemented programs similar to Open 4Cs.  More and more college courses are being offered at zero textbook costs to students.  Data collected from these endeavors show that OER positively impacts student success, student satisfaction, as well as enrollment and retention rates.

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