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Plagiarism: What It Is and How to Avoid It: Plagiarism Assignment

Avoid Plagiarism in Research Papers

Confused about what it means to put something in "Your Own Words"?  Professor David Taylor explains.

Plagiarism Lesson. Complete your assignment to the left

Understanding Plagiarism: a  Lesson and an Assignment

Go to ‚ÄčHow to Recognize Plagiarism from Indiana University.  Watch their video tutorial and follow their program.  You can also go to specific sections using the links below-this can be helpful if you need to retake the test-review on the sections that gave you the most trouble.

  • When you're ready, take the Test. Keep taking it until you get all 10 right.
  • Print the certificate, Fill in your name and info and turn it in to your clinical instructor.

This test will help teach you how to avoid these mistakes in your own work. Better to struggle with this quiz than to make a mistakes later with real consequences!

This test isn't easy-it took your friendly neighborhood librarian 3 tries to pass this quiz!  Here are some tips:

  • You cannot simply rely on "common sense" or know that "plagiarism is bad" to pass. 
  • Pay close attention to the original sources, how they are used, and the details of the citations.
  • The questions change every time you take the test and you are not given feedback on individual questions.  You can't simply guess, learn the correct answers and then retake it to pass!
  • Pay close attention to the definitions the test takers use for the different kinds of plagiarism.  You need to identify the presence and type of plagiarism.  
  • Make sure that the citations given are absolutely correct.
  • If you use seven or more words from a source you must directly quote it. Check indirect quotes for phrases from the original!
  • Examples show types of plagiarism and what correct citations look like
  • The Practice Test you will get feedback; the real test does not.  Take the Practice Test to learn how the Test is organized and what correct answers look like.