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German : Grammar, Drills & Exercises

Nancy Thuleen! Great Site!

Nancy Thuleen

LOVE her Handouts and Worksheets!

  • Perfect for drilling yourself!
  • AND there's much much more...for instance


Grammar Exercises

Modal Verbs

Articles: Definite (Der, Die, Das etc) & Indefinite (Ein, Kein, Mein)

Strong, Weak and Mixed Verbs

From U of Michigan

Strong Verbs, a big list

And, you know, lists them..

Roberto C's wonderful You Tubes



Some of the FAVES:

  • Adjectival endings made easy
  • Adjectives: the magic line
  • Cases: articles, pronouns
  • Word order (see all 4)
  • Strong verbs  (present tense)
  • Weak verbs (present tense)

Stem Changing Verbs

Lists auch mit Infinitiv, Imperfekt und Parzip

Nancy's Worsheet on Stem Changers

Present Tense forms

Adjective Endlings