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COM103 Human Communication: Sources on Issues

A guide to resources for persuasive speeches and for COM103 Human Communication

Global Issues in Context

Off Campus Access?

You can access these databases off campus using your library barcode and PIN (default PIN=Student ID #).  If you need a barcode, bring your ID to the front desk and we will be happy to give you one!

Opposing Viewpoints in Context

Opposing Viewpoints in Context is an excellent database for issue and argumentative papers.  Try a search in the box above.  Your results will be broken down into the following categories:
  • Viewpoints:  Editorial content and opinion pieces
  • News, Magazines, Academic Journals:  Articles from newspapers, magazines and academic journals
  • Reference:  Information gathered from reference books such as encyclopedias and dictionaries
  • Statistics:  Statistical information, generally in charts and tables
  • Primary Sources:  Letters, interviews, transcripts or hearings and meetings, laws, and more
  • Websites:  Websites selected for their relevance to the topic
  • Interactive Maps: Maps based on the topic
  • Audio and Video:  Generally from radio and television news sources such as NPR and NBC
  • Images

Once you're inside Opposing Viewpoints in Context, you can click on the Browse Issues tab in the top left of the screen to see a list of issues the database covers-a great way to get ideas if you're hunting for a paper topic!


Current Issues Websites

Here are some good websites that collect articles and webpages that deal with hotly debated issues