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APA Style Guide: Plagiarism

Resources to help you write your papers in APA format.


Understanding Plagiarism  From Indiana University

How to Recognize Plagiarism

  • Definition
  • Overview: when and how to give credit; recommendations; decision flowchart
  • Plagiarism Cases: links to Web sites describing real plagiarism cases
  • Examples: word-for-word and paraphrasing plagiarism -- 5 examples each
  • Practice with feedback: identifying plagiarism -- 10 items
  • Test: Pass the test, print a certificate!   Some classes will require this!
  • Resources: Web sites, books, dictionary links, references

What Is Plagiarism? A short 10 point quiz to test your understanding. Try it!


Plagiarism Games

Acadia University's   You Quote It, You Note It!

Think you know plagiarism now? 

Play Rutgers University's  The Cite is Right!   How many guacamoles did you win?