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Evidence-Based Practice: What is EBP?

A guide that explains what Evidence-Based Practice means and where you can find resources related to the idea.

What is EBM?

EBM is "the conscientious use of current best evidence in making clinical decisions about patient care". This original definition is attributed to this article by Sackett, et al.

What is EBP?

EBP is a method of effectively translating EBM into clinical practice using the best existing: evidence and research, knowledge of clinical experts, and patient preferences.

Why Would a Nurse Conduct EBM Research?

Nurses conduct Evidence-Based research to support Evidence-Based Practice. Nurses use EMP because nurses want the best outcomes for their patients. 

The Focus = finding evidence of the best methods, interventions and practices
The Evidence = found in the most current professional research literature
The Goal = best outcomes for the patient

About This Guide

This guide was adapted from the guide Karen Delorey created about Evidence-Based Practice Guide for MassBay Community College.  Many thanks to her for sharing this material!